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Westwind management is the worst management company that any HOA could hire in Colorado. We as a community in the Seville townhomes are being robbed by this company.

We are to have gardners, snow removal, etc....don't see this being done. No notice when water is turned off, no notice when major jobs are being done in the community, no one answers at 303 369 1800.

When they do finally answer...give a bunch of lies. They are rude and unprofessional.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Westwind Management Group. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Westwind is pleasing the Board not the communities. It is their responsibility to follow their own rules. Shame on Westwing and the Boards.


I agree completely to your statement. They are the management company for the Bungalows at Green Valley Ranch and have had the same issue.


Westwind Management is the worst Management Company in the world. They are rude and very unprofessional management Company.


That's how management companies work. They don't do anything but demand money while not keeping the property in an acceptable condition.

The owner of Westwind drives a large pricey car yet does nothing about buildings which are falling apart, etc. They are supposed to help run complexes...all they actually do is run them into disrepair. While the management companies state they have no decision making powers, as they are the ones to dole out the money for upkeep, they have ALL the power! Face it, the management companies blame the HOAs and the residents.

The HOAs blame the residents and the management company. Meanwhile, the residents watch as their property investments go down the toilet. When the complex fails, the management companies move on to their next victims while claiming to be so fantastic.

They are thieves and that is obvious. Imagine if their communities could be managed by the same indifference.

Englewood, Colorado, United States #1091135

Dear Seville Resident,

Thank you for your Google comment concerning your recent experience with Westwind Management Group, Inc. In response, please note that Westwind does not have the authority to dictate which landscape contractor or snow removal contractor your community uses.

The decision for service providers such as this, and their scope of work, is determined by the Board of Directors for the Seville Townhome Association. Further, because your community does not maintain any of the water and/or sewer lines in the community, Westwind Management is oftentimes the last to know when the water has been shut off by either the City of Aurora or individual homeowners in the community.

Most recently, the water was shut off at 5:25a.m. via a homeowner’s request to the City of Aurora because a neighboring home was leaking into this community member’s home. Two separate email notifications were sent to all individuals who have opted to participate in the community’s email notification program; one to advise community members of what had occurred and one to report that the issue had been resolved and the City of Aurora would be restoring water service.

The Board of Directors and Management worked diligently to facilitate communication between the City, the homeowner who requested the shut off, and the home that was leaking in an attempt to minimize the inconvenience this issue caused for community members and to facilitate water restoration as quickly as possible. The second email notice was sent to residents at 11:24a.m. on the same day.

“Major jobs” and notification of such work is also determined and directed by the Board of Directors. Your Association Business Manager works closely with the Board of Directors to ensure proper notification to community members when “major jobs” will impact residents, such as asphalt work, etc.

In closing, when you dial Westwind’s main number: 303-369-1800 you reach a main menu that provides multiple options for reaching a live person, inclusive of dialing 2 for our emergency services operator (in the event you have reached our office outside of normal business hours or during our scheduled staff meetings wherein our entire office is unable to answer calls).

If you are not experiencing an emergency, such as lack of water, you are welcome to leave a message for your Association Business Manager or Administrative Assistant (with regard to community maintenance) and they will respond to your call within 24 business hours. You may also email your Association Manager through our website (www.westwindmanagement.com), or submit a maintenance request via our website, send a fax, or send an email directly from your computer (with rare exception all email addresses are the individual’s name @westwindmanagement.com).

If I can provide any additional information to resolve your above concern, please feel free to email me at jessica@westwindmanagement.com. Sincerely, Jessica Hanson, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®, Executive Assistant

to Jessica Hanson #1398155

Is someone going to respond to my request?because I have left a message over 24 hours ago and I am still waiting on a response. I’ve also sent two requests online and have not gotten a response

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